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We are trade experts

We are an export trader cum consultant firm that facilitates Exports/Imports in the International arena for all range of products.

Did you know hiring a consulting service for export from India to anywhere plays an important role in logistics? In addition to this, the consultants deal with distribution and warehousing, banks, customs brokers, and even government entities to ensure timely delivery of goods. Here we’ve discussed a few benefits of hiring an import export business advisor.

Choosing Exportkarlo helps you save time with audits and outsourcing, improve productivity and efficiency, and we even connect you with warehouses and logistics companies. We also help you in understanding compliance, licenses, and the general ins and outs of importing and exporting.


Our Mission

To identify potential products for export Viz, MSME, Pharma, Electronics, Machinery, Species, Food Stuff, Arti-facts etc from big manufacturers to small-town producers mixed with individual enthusiasm. Groom and guide the producers to upgrade product quality and meet International standards.


Our Vision

To transform ourselves in a globally honoured export/import consultant, with our steadfast and transparent exports by garnering our most acclaimed MSME sector providing a harmonious and motivating place that will attract, nurture and uphold the valued work culture.


Our Values

Encourage, maximize and provide end-to-end export services from India with the simplified and efficient export process, that will be easier and affordable to the common merchant in-alignment with the Govt of India Export initiatives.



Export & Import Consultant

When you think about export growth, what are your challenges? Making sure your company is ready, market intelligence, and finding relevant business partners are probably high on the list?


International Logistics & Transport Consultant

We provide a multi-modal transportation facility, starting from picking your products from your doorsteps to deliver it to an international buyer.


Warehouse Management

Warehousing Services We have top class warehousing facilities. Our warehouses are spacious, well-guarded, and spread everywhere in the country to provide assistants to our clients.


Supply Chain Management

We have an entire supply chain ecosystem to provide you export and import services. We have developed some Supply Chain Solution Services which have a tremendous cost-saving potential.


Customs Clearance

Customs clearance services imply the preparation and submission of documentation that are required to enable export or import into the country.


Finding Profitable Buyers & Suppliers

The world is coming closer day by day with the aid of technological advancement. There is huge openings of new opportunity especially to small and medium businesses to cater to anyone across the globe.


Discovering New Promising Markets Products

The challenging aspect of international business, however, is to find an acceptable and emerging market for our product globally. For consumers, international business introduces them to a variety of goods and services.


Market Intelligence

International Marketing intelligence is an information-gathering process of the activity going on in the International trade that includes the collection of data, processing, analysis, and interpretation of all types of information from all available sources.


Analysing Demand & Supply Trends

Analyzing economic concepts such as supply and demand helps both individuals and small businesses better assess market conditions when making everyday decisions.

Best Business Adviser Exportkarlo


A Zukla Exim consultant is a professional who analyzes your business need, creates solutions to problems, and helps businesses develop efficient plans for meeting their goals. Consultants generally bring their own methodologies or frameworks to guide a business and recommend how to achieve goals more effectively and efficiently.

Here we’ve discussed a few benefits of hiring an import export business advisor.

Cost Savings

Save Time

Great Customer Support

Access to Different Leads

Maximize Productivity and Efficiency

Decades Of Collective Experience

Over 5,000 cases solved, spanning various industry verticals for over 100+ clients.

Power Of Knowledge

A strong knowledge database bolstered by a robust network across the stakeholders in export import trade.

PAN-India Footprint

Capability to execute projects and solve DGFT and customs related matters all over India.

Customized Solutoins Always

Tailor-made solutions that address specific client issues and budgets.

Engage With Experts

Work with small core staff of associates and subject matter experts having deep knowledge of the export import trade facilitation.

Flexibility, Agility And Cost-Effecitivity

One stop logistics consulting solutions that are flexible, agile, and cost effective supported by a diligent, and compassionate staff.

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