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Our story started with my baby, I was so afraid of using anything on her skin, when I read the ingredient list on the products I used on her, I used to wonder what are these names which are so difficult to pronounce and one day I googled the ingredients and I was shocked to see these chemicals, synthetic substances how they effect us and the Environment, then I have decided not to use any chemical products on my baby and started making products in my kitchen for her bath, skin and hair. The more research I did i understood the most dangerous facts about the products we use in our daily life. Then I have decided to do my part to protect the Mankind and the Mother Earth, I have decided that these products should not only be limited to my baby but also to all the innocent babies, adults and everyone and I have started to replace each and every product with a blend of natural products from my bathroom to vanity. I learnt many ayurvedic formulations in collaboration with many ayurvedic teachers and now everyday I work to get rid of every chemical products we use.


At Di Originals we believe in the nature's secrets which has a remedy to every single issue that human kind face. We trust that the healing properties of the naturally found precious oils, herbs, flowers, butters, waxes, spices and many other botanicals are much more higher than the harsh chemicals, synthetic substances and synthetic fragrances. We believe in ancient ayurvedic formulations to treat any kind of skin and hair related issues. As most of you might be knowing that our skin is the largest organ and what ever we put on our skin goes inside the skin and the blood stream. Now are you ready to apply all those nasty and harsh chemicals made in the labs on your skin? On your loved ones? On the innocent babies? Our answer is a big "NOOO" and therefore we are here to introduce our products which are PURELY HANDMADE, made up of all natural and organic ingredients, free from harmful chemicals, synthetic substances and artificial fragrances. We strive to consistently create and offer the best products for a chemical free life not only to protect ourselves but also to protect our Environment. Enough is enough! Knowingly or unknowingly we have greately damaged the Environment which was gifted by our Mother Earth and hence our lives are so toxic. Now it's time to wake up and do our part to protect our Mother Earth from these harmful chemicals and give our future generations a healthy and chemical free lifestyle. Our products are not tested on the innocent animals, we are chemical free, synthetic substances free, artificial fragrances free.Kajal is made using the ancient technique of extracting charcoal from over the lamp process. This kajal not only adds beauty to your eyes but also cools down the eyes and helps to relax, it also helps to remove any impurities and it is believed to improve your vision.


Our vision at Di Originals is to completely eradicate chemicals from our lifestyle, be it beauty, hair, personal care or home care products. We understand it is highly difficult to get rid of all these chemicals which we have been feeding on since ages but let's take tiny tiny steps to reach the ultimate. We also want to be available for everyone and hence we are constantly working on our prices. "LET'S ALL COME TOGETHER TO MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE ".