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We are in the business of Export & Import Consultant and trader , offering our effective advisory and consulting services for DGFT and Customs related activities. Our team will act as a mediator to offer between exporter/importer and the government agencies. Our excellent track record and transparency in the export/import field and one-stop know-how on foreign trade policies, litigation, disputes and regulatory services enable us to serve clients seamlessly.


We provide a multi-modal transportation facility, starting from picking the products from sellers to the point of reach of international buyers and vice-versa. Our Logistics Consultancy team has in-depth knowledge and experience in building and executing supply chain solutions for multiple industries. We can provide solutions customised for your requirements and set standards to enhance your supply chain efficiency.

A solid warehouse operation is at the foundation of every successful retail brand. An effective warehousing could strengthen your business and can propel it into something customers trust time and again. Our warehouses are spacious, well-guarded and spread everywhere in the country to provide assistants to our clients. Our warehousing experts have the range of experience and the modelling tools to evaluate and fully design new facilities and to improve existing operations to maximise safety and  efficiency.

A thorough assessment of your supply chain can be a critical first step towards an improved performance, focusing on strategy, value, constraints and areas of opportunity. Using thorough fact-based analysis and insights, ExportKarlo can design and develop innovative operating models and will support you in delivering fundamental change in your operations’ performance to enhance service and become more cost competitive.


We offer an in-house Customs clearance service. This provides an easy, efficient and legally compliant transit of international cargo aligning to product specific regulations of government organisations and regulatory bodies.


Finding the right buyer can sometimes seem a little tricky. Finding and keeping a motivated buyer may seem like an even taller task. Buyers are your lifeblood and the true source of your income, but they’ll do and say about anything to prove a point to you and/or convince you that they are the perfect buyer for your sale. While this isn’t the case with every buyer and every market, the bottom line is getting a motivated buyer to pull the trigger. We at ExportKarlo will help you with step by step guidance from our professionals to find a profitable buyer and supplier.

Discovering new promising market products is ​the challenging aspect of international business. But due to the liberalization of trade and investment and the development of technology, the prevalence of international business has increased significantly during the last part of the twentieth century. By leveraging our existing relationships with clients and following them into new markets, we gave you the required head start in the markets we were targeting.

Our Strategic Insights division utilizes custom quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews to inform strategic decisions. However, sometimes there are questions that require other methods in order to be answered comprehensively. That’s where ExportKarlo’s Market Intelligence division can help. We can help the business management in making international marketing decisions, facilitate analysis before making any investment decision.

Analyzing economic concepts such as supply and demand helps both individuals and small businesses better assess market conditions when making everyday decisions. Decisions ranging from those related to deciding what to purchase at the supermarket to those involved in assessing production levels can all be influenced by a greater understanding of these concepts. When examining the market demand and supply, ExportKarlo keeps in mind that other influences can also impact the outcome of the marketplace.