Exporter have to look before start exporting


Before you start

If you’re thinking of tackling the international market, you’ll have to be compelled to have some experience growing your business within the domestic market. this suggests having refined business practices that deliver your products or services to promote as efficiently as possible. Ideally, you’ll even have a decent grasp of your target market and what marketing strategies work best for your business type. you must even have a healthy cash flow, which you’ll got to accept until your overseas venture becomes profitable.

Do your research

Before you start devising your export plan, you must do as much research as possible. India govt. has a wonderful website for information on exporting and importing, yet as country-specific information. Foreign government or country-specific business sites could even be valuable. Your local Chamber of Commerce is another useful source of data of information, but their networking with Chambers of Commerce all round the world makes them a useful source of contacts. Investigate the competition in your targeted foreign market. Visit the sites of competitors to identify any adaptations you may got to make to your product or service, and to check how they market and price their product or service. There are a large number of regulations in foreign markets that has to be adhered to the India Customs Bureau and freight forwarders can tell you about the wants for various countries. Your local Chamber of Commerce also can assist you with export documentation. Cultural research and sensitivity to local customs can make the difference between winning a contract or not. Before you start exporting, you would like to possess devised strategies to beat any cultural or language barriers. for instance, in some cultures, taking a card without first studying it’s considered disrespectful. Educate yourself on both the cultural and business dos and don’ts in your target country.

Type of Distribution


Franchising requires the sale of your product or service and also the systems and training practices to create that product or service work. Franchising allows you to expand your business at minimal cost of capital because it’s usually the franchisee who bears most of the costs. However, franchising only works if you’ve got a well-developed business system with a proven documentation. You’ll also got to provide ongoing support and training to your franchisees if you wish them to flourish. The commitment is commonly greater than business people initially realize.

A joint venture with a corporation in your targeted overseas market may be a decent way to overcome trade barriers. A joint venture involves you both committing funds and resources to developing a marketplace for your products or services. However, experience shows that it’s very difficult to determine a joint venture that benefits both parties equally.

Licensing your products or services is another possibility worth investigating, alongside royalties (the sale of intellectual property reciprocally for an agreed amount for every sale). In both cases, you’ll got to get good advice from lawyers or consultants who have experience in these types of transactions.

Strategic alliances offer another possibility. they’re just like joint ventures, but are entered on a less formal basis for a shorter period of your time, and sometimes target a distinct segment a part of the market.

Planning checklist


Have a fresh explore the export potential of your business. If you’d prefer to explore the probabilities, remember these key points apply to most businesses.

International marketing research

Choose your market

On the idea of your industry knowledge, you’re likely to understand where your core markets are, remember of trends within the market likely to shape demand, and have a gut feeling about which markets hold the best potential for you. Personal considerations also will play a neighborhood in making the choice – in any case, you will be required to go to the country frequently. But this should not be the most driver behind your decision. Thorough marketing research should tell you where your best exporting opportunities lay.

Distributing overseas

Distribution within the foreign market is greatly influenced by market size, the sort of excellent or service, the specified amount of control and also the wider export strategy. the various options to think about are:

  • Initially, agents or distributors is the simplest kind of market representation.
  • An agent is used or contracted to figure for you (so you recognize who the purchasers are.)
  • A distributor buys your products and sells them on – supplying you with less control over the market.
  • For greater efficiency and control, some businesses establish an office overseas. this will be expensive and will only be undertaken by a fairly experienced exporter.
  • Catalogues and infomercials are other methods successfully used, particularly for specialized products. However, every business considering exporting should have a web site.